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Windsor Crafts

Turning the Everyday into Extraordinary!

Batik Butterflies and Other Animals fabric packs

15 large rabbits measuring 11.5cm x 12cm in size

Batik Large Rabbits fabric pack

20 rabbits measuring 4cm x 5cm in size

Batik On The Hop Rabbits fabric pack

20 rabbits measuring 5.75cm x 3cm in size

Batik Small Rabbits fabric pack

15 rabbits measuring 11cm x 7cm in size

Batik Large Easter Bunnies fabric pack

20 frogs measuring 6cm x 4.5cm in size

Batik Freddie the Frogs fabric pack

20 butterflies measuring 6cm x 4cm in size

Batik Small Butterflies fabric pack - Type 2

20 butterflies measuring 5cm x 3.5cm in size

Batik Petite Butterflies fabric pack

15 butterflies measuring 12.5cm x 10cm in size

Batik Large Butterflies fabric pack